The Ultimate Guide to Excel Features

The Ultimate Guide to Excel Features

Master Excel in 7 days with step-by-step instructions & clear illustrations. Excel 2022 is the ultimate guide to becoming a pro.

Learn Excel From Zero to Professional

If you know how to use it, Excel is a spreadsheet program powerhouse that can perform a lot of the labor-intensive tasks. Many of the functions that are currently integrated into Excel will be taught to you in this book. Learn how to use if/then, vlookups, pivot tables, and other things. Nothing needs to be done manually anymore.

The Ultimate Guide to Excel Features

E-Book is divided into 3 Modules 

This book is for you if you wish to learn Excel from start and become proficient. They split the material into three simple to understand parts. You study the fundamental operations in module A. Formulating text and cells, inserting data, and navigating between rows and columns are all covered in module B. You make tables, charts, and learn how to insert objects in module C.

The Ultimate Guide to Excel Features

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180 pages
Publisher: Timothy keet
ISBN: 979-8356494215

Be more productive at Excel and impress your BOSS!!

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