Guerrilla Data Analysis 3rd Edition e-Book

Guerrilla Data Analysis 3rd Edition e-Book

Excel’s Power Query and Power BI will help you master your data.
To fight faulty data, two of the top Excel YouTube channels team up. This book teaches readers the numerous Excel power tactics through case studies and step-by-step examples.

Excel Battles and Overcoming Bad Data

These are tricks that Bill Jelen, “MrExcel,” and Oz du Soleil developed over the course of their careers as financial analysts tasked with fast converting mainframe data into actionable information. Data quality, validation, matching lists of data, data consolidation, data subtotals, pivot tables, pivot charts, tables, and a host of other topics are covered.

Guerrilla Data Analysis 3rd Edition e-Book

Stop Being a Victim of Bad Data!

“Be aware: This is not simply a technical book about spreadsheets; it is also possibly a complex treatise on how to use sophisticated Excel wizardry (Power Query, Pivot Tables, Dynamic Arrays, and more!) to end unnecessary suffering, resolve data disputes, and accomplish goals.

May this book assist you start the never-ending journey of becoming a “bona fide Excel beast” from a “crude Excel user,” but more importantly, may it also enable you to triumph over subpar datasets and emerge as a hero for the people the data is associated with.”

Guerrilla Data Analysis 3rd Edition e-Book

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Welcome to the World of Guerrilla Data Analysis!
  • Chapter 1: Reviewing the Basics
  • Chapter 2: Excel Tables: The Glue in Dynamic Spreadsheet Development
  • Chapter 3: Collaboration Tools
  • Chapter 4: Summing and Counting with Criteria
  • Chapter 5: VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP
  • Chapter 6: Pivot Tables: The Turning Point!
  • Chapter 7: Power Query
  • Chapter 8: Conditional Formatting
  • Chapter 9: De-duping in Excel
  • Chapter 10: Dynamic Arrays
  • Chapter 11: Data Is Never 100% Clean (Not for Very Long)
  • Chapter 12: Data Validation: Controlling Inputs and Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Chapter 13: Protecting Sheets and Cells
  • Chapter 14: Octopus Spreadsheets
  • Chapter 15: INDIRECT
  • Chapter 16: OFFSET
  • Chapter 17: Recognizing Patterns
  • Chapter 18: Data Types and Stock History
  • Chapter 19: Graphing
  • Chapter 20: The Dangers of Just Diving In
  • Chapter 21: The LET Function
  • Chapter 22: Warnings About Machine Learning–Driven Features in Excel and Power Query
  • Chapter 23: Avoid Working on Your Source Data
  • Chapter 24: Using Slicers
  • Chapter 25: Data Models and Relationships
  • Chapter 26: People, Processes, and Tools
  • Chapter 27: Keeping Your Data in as Few Places as Possible
  • Chapter 28: Rough-and-Tumble Tips and Insights
  • Chapter 29: Spreadsheet Layout and Development

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261 pages
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
ISBN: 978-1-61547-074-7
PDF ISBN: 978-1-61547-160-7

Price: 14.99$

Be more productive at Excel and impress your BOSS!!

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