A strong malware defense application called Malwarebytes Antivirus was created in Santa Clara, California. Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS are all supported.

Although this antivirus includes a number of other features, its primary objective is to find and get rid of viruses, malware, and ransomware.
It is a basic, user-friendly antivirus program that offers sufficient malware protection.
During testing, it found 96% of the malicious files, which is a respectable result. It did a fantastic job of stopping 98 percent of malware files in real time.

The free Browser Guard security plug-in for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox is included when you install Malwarebytes‘ free or premium software. When I tested it with Malwarebytes Free, it was quite good at directing the browser away from harmful (phishing) URLs and pages. If you use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, install this practical extension.

The real-time malware protection, ransomware prevention, and online protection that I seek for in an antivirus program are all included in Malwarebytes.
If you’re looking for a straightforward, no-frills antivirus that offers effective malware protection, Malwarebytes is a terrific, affordable solution.

Malwarebytes Security Features

Virus Scanner

Malwarebytes‘ virus scanner is first-rate; it provides on-demand and real-time protection to stop the vast majority of malware on Windows and Mac computers.
Its scanner uses heuristic analysis to find fresh malware files that haven’t yet been submitted to the database and a malware database to find malware that is already on your machine.


Malwarebytes provides four different virus scanning choices:

  • Threat Analysis. examines your device’s OS, RAM, and running processes.
  • Rapid Scan. By running programs and examining your memory, active infections are found.
  • Special Scan. scans any selected file or folder (including the entire disc).
  • Scan a single file or folder. scans a certain file

Because Malwarebytes doesn’t come with a built-in full system scan feature, you’ll need to use the custom scan and choose your C: drive from the list of available drives if you want to check your entire system for malware.

I appreciate that Malwarebytes will carry out the scan quickly and with almost low CPU usage, regardless of the type of scan you select. This sets it apart from slower antivirus programs like McAfee.

Malwarebytes has a remarkable industry-average detection rate of over 95%. Customers who wish to quickly check their files for malware should use the Threat Scan, and the Custom Scan option made it straightforward to select whether to scan a single folder or my entire disk.

Compatible with Others

Since several years ago, Malwarebytes has made a point of emphasizing in its marketing materials how even the premium-level application is adaptable to other antivirus programs. It’s acceptable to use it in addition to security software like Bitdefender or Kaspersky.

However, there aren’t many people who are willing to spend money on two security products. Malwarebytes used to employ some inventive techniques with Windows’ Security Center to cooperate with Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center and to include configuration options to enable integration with other third-party products.

Protection in Layers

Among its many layers, Malwarebytes contains a tiny signature-based detection layer, but it mostly relies on more modern detection techniques. Web defense limits traffic to known dangerous locations, whether through the browser or a malicious application.

Protection against ransomware keeps a look out for indications that a new piece of malware is preparing to encrypt your information. With no requirement to distinguish anything other than ransomware-like behaviors, it should be able to detect even zero-day ransomware attacks.

Exploit attacks leverage vulnerabilities in commonly used software to take over the system. There will always be a time when a vulnerability is found but not yet patched, even if you keep your operating system and programs patched. Malwarebytes provides protection for a number of widely used programs. This is not specialist exploit prevention, but rather a general defense against exploit behaviors.


Malwarebytes passed this critical test with flying colors, receiving the Advanced+ certification. But the test accounts for false positives, which happen when an antivirus mistakenly classifies a safe program as hazardous. A product with many false positives loses one rank; if there are many false positives, the product loses two ranks. The same thing happened to Malwarebytes. Due to false positives, its potential Advanced+ certification was downgraded to Standard.

Ransomware Protection Integrated

You don’t believe ransomware can evade your antivirus. All of my ransomware samples were successfully eliminated by Malwarebytes before they ever had a chance to start working. On the other hand, the possible repercussions of a ransomware failure are large enough to call for a special attention on ransomware defense.

Even the most difficult infestations can be removed using the well-known free Malwarebytes scanner, but it does not offer real-time security. Malwarebytes Premium is a feature-rich antivirus with various degrees of malware defense.

Malwarebytes is no longer only a backup solution; it is now a complete antivirus. You can easily use it with a different antivirus product from a third party, but you should avoid paying for two antivirus packages.

Malwarebytes Security Features

Malwarebytes includes a ton of crucial features, but fewer than Avast, McAfee, or any other leading antivirus program.

For instance, the Malwarebytes antivirus package does not come with parental controls, a firewall, or a password manager. Malwarebytes will just function as a dependable antivirus program; you won’t be losing out on crucial features like virus protection or file quarantine.

Real-time Protection

It is vital that you use this feature, which is only accessible with Malwarebytes Premium.


Real-time protection, as the name suggests, works in the background to prevent a variety of internet threats from entering your device, including viruses, malware, and ransomware. It barely uses any system resources and barely makes a dent in CPU usage.

The Real-Time Protection component of Malwarebytes antivirus includes Web Protection (which guards against infected websites), Malware Protection, Ransomware Protection, and Exploit Protection. Safeguards against exploits

Although it is included under Real-Time Protection, the Exploit Protection function deserves its own paragraph. This is due to the employment of this cutting-edge security technology to cope with exploit assaults against security flaws and software vulnerabilities in apps.

Since you only need to open an infected page or file to start one of these attacks, they are significantly more misleading than typical viruses. Malwarebytes Premium can help since it “shields” weak programs from malicious code, preventing it from taking advantage of their security holes.

Protection from Malicious Websites

You can stay away from phishing and scam websites with the use of Malwarebytes‘ feature called Malicious Website Protection. Additionally, it prevents the installation of viruses and other potentially harmful software (PUPs) on your computer.

This crucial technology, also known as URL filtering, works simply by intercepting pertinent DNS queries, checking, and blocking both risky websites and IP addresses automatically.
Keep in mind that Malicious Website Protection is only available with the Premium Malwarebytes subscription plan.


Quarantined Files

An infected file on your system is promptly neutralized by quarantining it when Malwarebytes antivirus discovers it. You can restore the file and put it back in its original location if you are confident that it is safe and that the warning was just a hoax.

The file can also be added to the Allow list. In subsequent scans, Malwarebytes won’t take it into account.

Privacy VPN by Malwarebytes

The Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy membership includes a VPN. It’s actually one of the best antivirus and VPN software packages out there. The business offers access to more than 30 countries with over 450 servers, which is a little fewer than specialized VPN providers. Nevertheless, there ought to be an abundance of connection alternatives.

The WireGuard tunneling technology, which is currently used by many VPN services, is used by the VPN. Malwarebytes has accomplished quite a success considering that not all dedicated VPN service providers include it.
Additionally, 256-bit encryption will be used to protect their connection. It will be impossible for hackers to breach it using brute force. Malwarebytes makes sure that there are no backdoors to your data with a strict no-logs policy.





Malwarebytes Mobile Apps


What Malwarebytes Looks For

Let’s avoid wasting any time.
The application stated that it would protect our devices from:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Adware
  • Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Scams on the internet
  • Phishing sites
  • Ransomware-infected websites

It also included a simple antivirus scanner that was among the fastest we’ve ever seen, finishing a full scan in less than a minute. However, the software did not include a deep scanning option.

I can check to see if employees are being cautious while running programs or viewing emails thanks to the weekly reports
We achieved the maximum score possible in our practical malware prevention exam
Testing for malicious URLs and phishing produced great results
Rapid thorough scan
Included are behavior-based detection, ransomware prevention, and exploit protection
I feel more secure knowing that our PCs are secure thanks to this application
regularly and automatically checks the machine for threats
Malwarebytes will notify you if a website does not seem secure
It works well with Active Directory integration
The implementation procedure is easy to understand
Monitoring is made simple by centralized endpoint administration
Quick scans occasionally miss certain damaged files
Automatic updates occasionally go wrong
There ought to be more scan types accessible, in my opinion

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Is Malwarebytes Worth it?

Malwarebytes is a great investment, indeed. The subscription costs are on pace with what other service providers charge. You get excellent real-time protection, phishing site prevention, and a quick VPN, so it doesn’t lag behind either.

By giving you the opportunity to pick between a free alternative and one of their premium subscription alternatives, Malwarebytes additionally broadens the scope of its service. The free edition is also quite beneficial because it enables you to start the required cleanup without having to pay anything.
Both setup and use are easy.

Your experience with a product after setup is quick and easy has a big impact. Malwarebytes performed a great job of making the installation and use process quite simple.
A free trial can be started right away without providing a credit card number or email address. It is risk-free for you to try it.

Rating: 9/10

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