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DUX Forex Trading Signals

Be a Professional Trader

If you haven’t heard of Dux Forex yet, now is the time. This article offers you something that is BETTER than any forex indicator, robot, or strategy! We are a well-established forex signal service with over 50 of the world’s greatest forex analysts and traders. Some of the traders on our team have previously won trading competitions on E-toro and other platforms. The forex signals you will receive have been meticulously scrutinized by the best of the best.

The majority of forex traders today rely on some form of indicator or algorithm to wash their account. Forex analysis is no longer the same as it was decades ago.

It’s not easy to get in touch with the market, and it takes years of practice. The fact is that many traders do not want to hear it, but there is some good news! You don’t have to analyze anything with Dux Forex. Entries, SL, TP1, TP2, and TP3 will be sent to you.

Dux Forex is a simple to use platform. You simply make a payment and will be given login information to access the mobile app for phone notifications as well as the private Dux Forex members area where signals are released.

Your account’s overall development is assured! You will pay a very modest amount, and the gains you will make will quickly pay for themselves.

DUX Forex Trading Signals


The illustration above depicts a superb example of our live sell transaction on EUR/USD. The starting point was 1.27818.

When the market reached that level, it swung against us for a few pips before returning to our original direction, resulting in a +77 pips profit on this trade. As you can see, it hit the Take Profit 1 mark and then dropped below the Take Profit 2 goal.

After a +77 profit, it would be completely OK to exit the transaction and stay out of the market. That should suffice for the majority of individuals for the day.

DUX Forex Trading Signals


When the market reached our Buy target of EUR/USD 1.27059, this is exactly what happened. The first take profit point occurred at +52 this time.

The market reversed after hitting our level twice. It was a close call, but these entries/exits are correct since our specialists have outstanding knowledge of price levels.

DUX Forex Trading Signals


When you log in, you’ll notice this on the forex signals page. As you can see, it’s quite simple to read.

The Entry, Stop-Loss, Take Profit 1, Take Profit 2, and Take Profit 3 indicators are all displayed for you. All you have to do now is enter the transactions into your trading platform.

And, once again, this can be done with any broker on any platform.

DUX Forex Trading Signals


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