Automatically converts any text or content into colorful doodle videos in any language, using award-winning technologies such as unlimited text-to-speech, language translation, a fully loaded asset library, and more.

Increase your impact, reach, and outcomes

Animated doodle videos generate a lot of interest.

Increase your online traffic
and click-through rates dramatically

Over traditional marketing materials, animated whiteboard movies have been demonstrated to increase visitor and click through rates –


Attract and hold the attention
of the audience

Dr. Richard Wiseman, a well-known science and psychology professor, claims that doodle animation videos maintain subject attention by 15% more than a live-action film.

Increase Conversions and
Sales in a Natural Way

Compared to typical talking head movies, our MULTI-SENSORY videos create up to 9X higher conversions and 2X higher sales.


Grow Your Business Without Effort

Doodle videos are 3X more likely to be shared and can result in a 32 percent boost in referrals to your offers.

Video Creator with Artificial Intelligence

Discover the world’s quickest animated doodle maker.
This first-to-market A.I. technology makes movie making simple and time-saving. It handles all of the heavy lifting when it comes to producing high-quality videos on any subject.


Multilingual Videos

Untapped markets and traffic sources should be exploited.
The software can instantly convert any movie into more than 60 languages.

Choose from over 160 human-sounding voices to bring your message to life.

Video Capabilities for a Variety of Uses

From within ONE platform, create a Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, or videos with your own personalized background picture or color!


Full-color or black-and-white
options are available

Create movies in vibrant full color or timeless black and white to create the right theme for any message.

With Unrivaled Flexibility, Versatility,
and True Creative Freedom

  • Choose from over 300 different templates.
  • Make something from the ground up
  • Turn outdated videos into attention-getting doodle videos in any language with one-click translation and AI!
  • Create world-class videos faster than ever before with built-in AI.

You Can Easily Create New
Videos With Doodle Maker

All of your existing content, including blog and social posts, YouTube videos, and slideshow presentations, may be converted.
With next-generation A.I., you can turn boring doodle videos into entertaining animated doodle videos in no time.

Inside are 300+ video templates

Choose from a large range of ready-to-use whiteboard, Glassboard, and blackboard video templates in the most popular themes and sectors.

Our gorgeous templates include human male and female voiceovers, as well as effects and animations that are already completed and ready to use!

Customize the templates to your liking for limitless personal or business possibilities!


1-Click Video Translation Engine

With the 1-click translation engine, you can easily turn your films into any language for true global reach.

In-App Voice Recording

Alternatively, you can upload and sync a pre-recorded audio clip to serve as the voiceover for your Doodle videos.


Millions Of High Quality
Doodle Images & Icons

Convert any video into one of three formats in a matter of seconds.
Create any video and change the look with a single click!
Customize your creation with doodle images from the included collection, Pixabay / iconfinder integration, or by uploading your own photos.

Image To Sketch Converter

In seconds, turn any image into a doodle in the form of a sketch.
To make any scene unique, add an infinite amount of variety.


Built-In Color Changer

With absolute ease, create black-and-white or color videos. With a click of your mouse, you may change the color of any element.

Built-In Doodle Style Transitions

Transitions in the manner of next-gen doodles to give your videos that extra pop and professional feel.
Fade-in, Slide-from-Bottom, Slide from left/right, or hand paint your text and graphics with a single click!


Share Anywhere In HD Quality

To share your videos on any site, download them in 720 or 1080 FULL HD.
With the bundled YouTube and Vimeo Publisher, you can save time.

Create Amazing Videos with DoodleMaker

With the help of artificial intelligence, doodle videos from templates, from scratch, or from any source.

Doodle Maker is a one-stop shop for all your doodle needs.

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